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IP Video Surveillance in Fort Lauderdale

ATECH Fire & Security in Ft. Lauderdale offers IP video surveillance systems in keeping your property and its occupants and guests secure.

The digital, network video surveillance system provides a host of benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The advantages include superior image quality, remote accessibility, distributed intelligent video capabilities, easy installation and integration, and better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The network cameras available today work with IP networks including the Internet. This makes the ability to view what is happening in front of the camera nearly limitless. From wherever you are, you can monitor your property and even review recorded video footage.

Network cameras give you the power to tap into your security system whether you’re on-site or off-site. You can use network computers or Internet connections for your surveillance needs. Network video surveillance has several advantages of CCTV video, including such high-end features as megapixel and HDTV resolution, built-in video intelligence, and scalability.

A network camera is also commonly referred to as an IP camera. Network camera technology is similar to computer technology in that both have unique IP address. Cameras connect to a network and can work wherever a network connection is accessible. The biggest difference between a standard web camera on a computer and a network camera is that web cams require a direct connect to a computer. Network cameras can be wireless and still work through a network

Types of Network Cameras

Network cameras are available for use indoors and outdoors. Outdoor cameras have specific technology to account for the changing light and darkness without compromising the quality of the video. Cameras built for outdoor use must also be protected from the elements including rain and wind to protect its components and the network camera software. Indoor cameras may also require special coverings to protect the electronics from heat, humidity, and other materials that may be present indoors which are harmful to the camera.

Network cameras used for the purposes of security and monitoring are also built to thwart attempts at vandalism by those who do not wish to be caught on camera. Traditionally cameras are fixed to a location where high traffic is present and in areas where monitoring is preferred. Cameras can be fixed to a location including in dome housing in the ceiling.

PTZ network cameras give the user the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom. The camera has the options to follow activity as it happens and the user can get closer to the action with the motion features. The ability to move the camera during monitoring and recording allows for more specific video images that may be beneficial to later prosecution such as when zeroing in on a suspect’s activity.

Cameras come in many shapes and sizes depending on the specific needs of the customer. A mix of camera types may be suitable in some environments so a customizable solution such as those offered by can be the ideal choice in security. Prior to investing in network camera security systems, it is important to consider your overall needs. Network camera technology is certain a flexible option that will grow with your company and provide the enhanced monitoring experience you need.

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