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Fire Alarms for Condos in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach fire alarms in condo buildings


There are a number of situations that can cause fires in any building. But in a multi-unit building, like the condos in Pompano Beach, the damage can be devastating, impacting more than just one family or unit.




What Causes Fire

  • Careless smoking is the leading cause of residential fire deaths. Smoke detectors and smolder-resistant bedding and upholstered furniture are significant fire deterrents.
  • Arson is the second largest cause of residential fires and residential fire deaths. In commercial properties, arson is the major cause of deaths, injuries and dollar loss.
  • Heating is the third leading cause of residential fire deaths. Heater fires are the leading cause of fire deaths in the southeastern U.S.; wood stoves are particularly a problem in the northern U.S.
  • Cooking is the leading cause of apartment fires and the second most frequent cause of single-family residential fires. These fires often result from unattended cooking and human error, rather than from mechanical failures of stoves or ovens.


Where Fires Occur

Did you know that the southeastern U.S. has the highest fire death rate per capita? That includes all of Florida.

Some statistics from the National Fire Protection Association:

  • In 2009-2013, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 14,500 reported structure fires in high-rise buildings per year.
  • Five property types account for three quarters (73%) of high-rise fires: apartments or other multi-family housing; hotels; dormitories or dormitory type properties; facilities that care for the sick; and office buildings.
  • High-rise fires are more likely to have fire detection, sprinklers and to be built of fire-resistive construction and are less likely to spread beyond the room or floor of origin than fires in shorter buildings.
  • Most high-rise building fires begin on floors no higher than the 6th story.


Condo buildings and fire alarm requirements

Multi-unit buildings generally are classified as three types. Fire system requirements differ for each.

  1. Low-rise buildings are 1-2 storieswith more than 11 dwellings and are required to have a centralized fire alarm system with battery backup. The system must have manual pull stations and horns/strobes at exit points, smoke and heat detection and other requirements specific to each occupied unit and common areas.
  2. Mid-rise buildings have more than 3 but less than 7 stories.They require the same specifications as the low-rise buildings, plus elevator interface, smoke/heat detectors in areas like garbage rooms and chutes, storage, community areas, office, maintenance and other common areas.
  3. High-rise buildings are those where the highest occupiable floor is more than 75 feet about finished grade. In addition to specifications required by low or mid-rise buildings, high-rise buildings must also have:
  • Voice evacuation system – This system takes the place of standard horns and instead uses speakers, a pre-recorded automatic evacuation message and a microphone for manual control and direct public address by firefighters to the occupants of the building.
  • Possible interface/connections and possibly control of mechanical systems such as air conditioners, air handlers, exhaust/supply fans and fire smoke dampers.
  • Firefighters telephone system – This is another communications system for use by the fire department to communicate with each other while fighting a fire in the building. It consists of telephone handsets and handset jacks (as well as connecting circuits) at points of egress such as stairwells and elevator lobbies.


Pompano Beach condo owners and managers should contact ATECH Fire and Security today!

ATECH Fire and Security will perform a feasibility study on the existing system and related features of the building that may affect installation of a new or replacement system. Total system replacement is not always necessary; many times parts of the fire alarm system can be reused or updated.


Pompano Beach condo owners HOA boards should contact ATECH Fire and Security to learn how we can make your building safer for all residents and visitors.Call ATECH Fire & Security today at: (954) 957–8980 or (561) 392–0036 to learn more about what is offered in fire alarm system installation and fire alarm monitoring.



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