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How Quality Fire Systems Reduce Losses

When you consider the devastation that a fire can cause along with the personal memories that often go up in smoke, having Carter Brothers fire systems installed may have offered a feeling of security. However, with the company going out of business that secure feeling does not have to vanish as other companies can take on the responsibility of protecting your home or business.

Customers, both residential and commercial have become accustomed to Carter Brothers fire systems and the knowledge they can protect their homes and businesses from loss and others such as Atech Fire and Security are ready to take over the Carter Brothers fire systems that soon will no longer be available.

Changes that may have been made to comply with ADA requirements may also require changes in the Carter Brothers fire systems and the experts at Atech are well versed in design and installation methods used by the Carter Brothers fire systems and can provide the same superior service customers are used to receiving. From preventive maintenance to ensure the system is always working its best to providing emergency service when needed it is important to anyone with Carter Brothers fire systems to find a company that can take over with a central monitoring system on par with their current system.

Inspection reports are available on each scheduled visit with Carter Brothers fire systems and companies taking over the responsibility need to be able to meet that same demand. Because a company is no longer in business doesn’t mean that the business or residence should be without protection. Consider looking for a company that can provide:

  • Fire protection;
  • Security systems;
  • Central station monitoring;
  • Rapid response times;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Video surveillance

One aspect of Carter Brothers fire systems current and potential customers must be aware of is the trust that goes along with a quality system. As important as the system itself is trust in the company that installs it and monitors it is of equal importance. After all, it is the business or homeowners assets that are on the line and the company chosen to take over for the Carter Brothers fire systems when they are no longer is business will need to be able to demonstrate that level of trust, if not more.

It may be difficult for some customers to accept the loss of a trusted business but when Carter Brothers fire systems goes out of business they will have to choose among other companies to protect their home or business. The time to choose is before the company is no longer offering Carter Brothers fire systems in order to realize continuous protection.

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