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Boca Raton Fire Alarm Systems Provide Protection for Your Home and Office.

ATECH Fire & Security in Boca Raton, Florida, installs, maintains and monitors fire alarms for your residence or business.

Many people don’t think beyond having a fire alarm in every room; however, depending on the size of your home, or if you’re working to secure a building larger than just a single family home, it is important to make sure that you have an effective alarm network, not just local alarms for each room.

While it may seem simplest to just put a basic smoke alarm in every room, with much newer modern options available that is neither the safest nor the most efficient and cost effective way to protect a building from fire.

Fire alarm systems have become increasingly sophisticated and functionally more capable and reliable in recent years.  They are designed to fulfill two general requirements: protection of property and assets and protection of life.  Fire detection and alarm products and systems that are properly designed and manufactured can provide early warning of fire that can save lives and property.  If the system is not designed or installed correctly, their performance is severely undermined.

Because fire alarm systems support a life safety function that is crucial to the occupants of a building, such as those occupied by the general public (e.g., public and private schools, office buildings, theaters, shopping centers, churches), the functionality and reliability of these systems could mean the difference between life and death.  For this very reason, it is crucial that professionals performing this type of work are trained and competent in installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

ATECH Fire & Security’s UL Listed Central Station monitoring provides alarm monitoring services for residential and commercial fire alarm systems.   You can feel secure with our Central Station UL Cellular Radio signal system & software installed in your home or business.  Our trained staff will install and monitor fire and security systems, and will notify the appropriate authorities in the event an alarm signal is received.

ATECH fire alarm systems provide:

  • Immediate system wide alert in the event of a fire
  • Evacuation alert & early warning for building occupants before fire spreads
  • Cellular Signal for rapid response by Emergency Personnel

Trust ATECH Fire & Security to protect your home or business.  ATECH provides fire alarm system design, installation, programming, and training to ensure your home or business is safe.  We employ only highly trained, knowledgeable, and fully certified specialists who operate according to NFPA standards.  ATECH has been in the business for over 30 years, offering clients security and peace of mind.

Call ATECH Fire & Security today to learn more.

Call 1-800-FL-ALERT today to learn about how to obtain the best protection against fires that can severely damage property and especially take lives.  You may also complete and submit the online contact form and we will contact you.   We will be happy to explain the details of our products and services so that you will fully understand what we do.  We look forward to serving and protecting you!

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Broward: 954-957-8980
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  • EC License EC-13005283
  • State Fire Inspectors License FM-76863
  • Nicet Certification - Fire Alarm Engineering 95958
  • Engineering License PE 50662
  • UL License ULS7096
  • FCC License WQXQ354 FRN 002546698
  • Notary Commission FF 036409
  • US Patent - Waterlarm US 8,922,379 B1

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